Studio 5: Quin F. 469.774.0800

eQuin2Natural Beauty Salon –Suite 5
Hours: Walk-ins or appointments – 469-774-0800
Owner/Stylist: Quin Ford

Specializing in healthy hair, Quin is committed to offering the most exclusive salon
experience possible for women and girls of color. Let Quin revitalize your hair style or give
you a personalized beauty solution. Her services include, offer color, braids, extensions,
weave, cuts, styles and eyebrow arching.
Quin’s professional and cozy space is nestled in Mesquite, Texas. Her clients often say her
space is like hanging out in their living room with good friends. The environment is only
part of what makes Natural Beauty Salon, so successful, the other part is Quin’s ability to
simply know what does or doesn’t work for the clients sitting in her chair. She understands
that what ever role a women is playing be it mother, wife, sister or vixen her hair is cast with it.